Why choose dium corporation before beginning your new work life in Japan?

dium corporation follows three ethical core values that make us reliable and extremely efficient in handling all the foreigner's legal and professional matters.

Transparent Work Etiquettes

The exploitation of foreign policies or human rights is not something dium corporation takes lightly. We ensure that foreigners and senior citizens of Japan receive all the necessary aids and provisions as per their requests.

Every terms and requirement are officially recorded in the legal framework to provide the employer and the employee every possible protection. We do not believe in adding a hidden clause and 'condition apply' scenarios in the induction.

Happy and trustworthy relationships matter to us a lot. Our goal is to provide a sustainable and harmonious balance between the environment and the workforce. This semblance is only possible if the relationship between the employees and employers is free of unethical practices or exploitable deeds. So it is an intricate part of their culture where no one exploited beyond the legal boundaries. We ensure that this lifestyle motto of Japanese Culture also incorporated into the work-life of foreign nationals.

Additionally, every small detail about financial transactions and reports and various work environment reports like disagreements, leave of absence, delay in delivery or any such issues are recorded and resolved according to the country's customary laws. dium corporation thrives on honesty and ethical lifestyle so that no one feels unsafe or exploited while working in collaboration with dium corporation

Creating a flexible work environment for better productivity

No one is perfect, nor are daily life occurrences always a good episode. At dium corporation, we work round the clock to create a better and more flexible work scenario that can suit foreign employee and Japanese employers. Timely and accurate delivery of work is essential for the smooth functioning of any enterprise.

However, maintaining an average work-life balance is also crucial for the well-being of the company's workers and smooth functioning. We make sure to incorporate these ideologies into the workforce to be overworked or underpaid for their efforts.

Flexibility provides huge breathing space for employees and thus helps in improving their cognitive functioning. Meanwhile, turn increases the productivity and work quality which benefits everyone in the long run.

Passionate driving force towards excellency

No one can succeed in life unless they are genuinely passionate about endeavour. We make sure to channelize your passion in the right direction.

A person who is excellent in networking but extremely passionate about graphic designing will not do as good in the IT sector as in the Graphic design section. The level of productivity increases ten folds when a person loves his job rather than accepts it as a responsibility. dium corporation understands it very well.

The reason, we support and provide assistance to channelize their true passion in the right direction by finding them the perfect job opportunities in Japan.