Educating the Foreign Workers about their Living Rights In Japan

At dium Inc., we understand how valuable it is for anyone to have a strong career and good professional life. We ensure that our clients are placed in suitable and comfortable professional roles by carefully assisting them through the entire job search and placement procedures.

From helping you with the right knowledge about how you can get hired by local Japanese companies to getting you the much needed support with appropriate housing and everyday requirements, we make sure you enjoy a normal lifestyle in Japan, just like any local citizen of the country. Apart from it, you also get to know the competitive market value of Japanese accommodations for foreigners, which removes the barrier of brokers, and you save your money.

Furthermore, we also provide you with the best legal information about your legal rights in Japan. With Dium Inc., you get more than you asked for! From educating you about your bank account opening procedures to other valuable daily necessities, we help you in each stage of your stay in Japan.

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