Perform regular interviews and report to administrative agencies

In these interviews, you will explain how you are, how your family is, how your stay in Japan feels.

Your well-being is our primary concern. That is why asking you how you are doing in your day to day life at home, and the workplace is essential. We at dium Inc. realise that people are fundamentally different from one another like jovial people, strong-headed. It becomes a significant factor in your employability to Japanese companies. Your mental health condition is usually the responsibility of the company where you work. However, it may not be feasible for every company to lay down new departments, where our organisation steps in and provides foreign workers support. Our organisation will have supervisors monitoring your daily lives from a respectable distance. If anything goes wrong, you are required to report that incident to your supervisor for help and advice. It does not matter what the problem is.

It would help if you informed your supervisor no matter how trivial you may think the issue is. As we said before, triviality depends upon the person and the cultural norms of a country. What you consider to be pleasing in your native land may not be acceptable here in Japan. Our organisation also provides a person who will be the in-charge for all the foreign workers under this project. The person in charge of support will meet with its supervisors and foreign workers under him or her. They will be interviewed in the presence of each other and exclusively as well. The supervisor will report any labour law violations that might have happened with any foreign workers working under him or her.

dium corporation promises for crustal like clarity if any labour law discrepancies found to have been committed by companies hiring foreign nationals. Our organisation will report such flaws, illegalities and labour law violation immediately with the concerned governmental agency for strict action. Japan and dium Inc. are tied together when it comes to standing against all racial comments and sentiments. In Japan, racial profiling and discrimination will not be acceptable, which will hamper Japan's honour. However, foreign workers advised going through the Labour Standards Act of Japan to remain better informed about their rights.

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