Pick-up and drop-off services

If you are a foreigner in Japan, then language is going to be a barrier for you!

You might not find it easy to communicate with the Japanese locals as the English language might not help you every time and everywhere! Yes, you heard it right. From streets to billboards and signboards, most of the things in Japan written in local Japanese. The Japanese love their language and take pride in showcasing it everywhere.

But fret not when dium corporation is next to you! We have an exclusive pick up and drop facility where our multilingual team assists you in all your queries and doubts. They will help you communicate with the local Japanese folks in case you need additional help or assistance. Our sole aim as the representative of Japan is to ensure that foreign workers do not face any issue because of the language and communication barrier.

While some places like the railway station and bus stop have multilingual hoardings and signs, you may not always find them. Taxi services are also outstanding in Japan, but only if you are sure about the exact destination you want to go. Contacting us at the earliest will ensure that you do not feel like a fish out of water in Japan. We will not only offer prompt airport transportation but will also help you with convenient “hop on and hop off” facilities in your city.

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