A workplace without compassion and ethics is hollow.

We help foreign workers secure their sustenance with the dignity that every human deserves. Our organization also mitigates the deficiencies in elderly care services.

Machinery Industry

The industrial machinery market is constantly growing. Global production value of machine tools more than doubled from under $40 billion to over $80 billion. And the market is becoming more and more international.

Nursing care sector

One of the industries in Japan that suffers severe labor shortage is the nursing home care sector. It is at the same time a sector that only keeps expanding, with no shortage of customers in the quickly aging nation that is Japan..

Building Cleaning and Service Industry

Many tourists who come to Japan find themselves impressed by the cleanliness of the country, and it is no exaggeration that Japan is certainly one of the cleanest countries in the world.

Construction industry

Japan is in the middle of a building boom, thanks to infrastructure projects, a shortage of hotel rooms and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics around the corner. That’s fueling the tightest labor market in a generation.

Shipbuilding/Marine industry

The increase in Japanese registered ships will boost the country's shipbuilding industry because its international shipping industry acquires 90% of its vessels from domestic builders. Japanese government also wants its ports to utilize the growing maritime transport.

Food and beverage manufacturing industry

In 2020, Japan’s food processing industry manufactured $216.8 billion of food and beverage products, up marginally from 2017. Health-oriented products are increasing in popularity and frozen foods consumption has doubled over the past two decades

The Japanese fishing industry

The Japanese fishing industry, both domestic and overseas, has long been centered on the Tsukiji fish market, in Tokyo, which is one of the world's largest wholesale markets for fresh, frozen, and processed seafood. Japan also has greatly advanced the techniques of aquaculture or sea farming

Agriculture industry

Agriculture, forestry and fishing was an integral part of the Japanese economy until the first half of the last century. While the agricultural sector still functioned as the largest employer during the post-war years, the number of commercial farm households and the number of individuals working within the agricultural industry are rapidly declining in present-day Japan.

Restaurant industry

Japan’s food industry is closely related to its economy. Changing habits are reflected in the decrease of traditional, family-run restaurants, which are steadily being replaced by new chain restaurants. The increased number of visitors to Japan is likely to benefit the sector.

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