Preparatory Advance Level Guidance

In the initial preparatory phase of preparing for work in Japan

Advance Level Guidance plays a very crucial role in understanding the work procedure in the country. In advance guidance, we provide you with 3 hours face-to-face, or you could opt for a video conferencing tool to learn about the Japanese policies about entry-exist in Japan.

In this guidance, you get useful knowledge like direction to bring your children and spouse to Japan. Conditions should follow for working in the Japanese environment. Much more so that you don't get any cultural shock on landing the country.

There are many immigration policies for foreign workers that need to consider before you come to Japan with a valid work permit. You must be aware of the documentation and other formal proceedings to get a visa clearance from the Japanese Embassy.

In our advanced level guidance, you will learn in detail as to how the complete access obtaining process from the Japan Embassy works. We will tell you how to make sure your set of skills and expertise in your desired field appears convincing enough to the Japan officials.

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