Dium global kitchen

Dium Corporation in association with Analiza Fabrigas brings to you the first-of-its-kind cross-cultural food sharing event in Hiroshima. This is the first time Dium is launching an event where everyone is welcome to participate. The idea is based on a major humanitarian aspect of cultural exchanges. This event is targeted towards people who are interested in international activities.

The Pricing policy
  • 3000 yen for all adults.
  • 1500 yen for everyone under 18
  • Free for children aged 6 and below


What is the purpose of this event?

The Dium Global Kitchen is all about sharing amazing food recipes from various parts of the world. Everyone engaged in the global kitchen is prepared to be on advent to discover themselves as well as the food cultures of other countries.


Who can participate or enjoy this event?

Everyone starting from food store owners to chefs and everyone else is welcome to share their magical recipes. Everyone may share the finger smacking original recipes which may belong from their native land.


Do I need to know how to cook ?

No, it does not matter if you do not know how to cook. You can always join us for tasting the best array of food from across the globe for a truly global event which goes beyond all known geo-cultural boundaries.


Coronavirus Measures

Yes, Dium and Analiza Fabrigas have taken care of arranging strict implementation of all the necessary protocols.
● Sanitizer sprays.
● Regular ventilation by way of Air Conditioners.

Now coming to the main event the main theme will be to share and experience Asian recipes.

Our event partner Analiza will be hosting the entire event. The primary food content will be Beef Caldereata which is a curry originating from the land of a Pearl of the Orient Seas i.e., Philippines. Dium Inc. has also named a dessert of their choice for the main event which will be Banana Jack Fruit Spring Roll. And, by the way, the dessert is also a major Phillipono dessert. Analiza in association with Dium has decided the drink of the day to be a green smoothie. Furthermore, this smoothie will be made from the best collection of summer fruits and vegetables. Similarly, you are also invited to make the best of this opportunity to make and prepare the lip smacking food that you remember from your home town or country. We all have grown up loving the food made by our mothers. How about stealing that amazing recipe and showing it to the world how you make the best of food?

Dium Corporation
What is the schedule of this entire event?
  • The acceptance will begin at 10:30 am.
  • The cooking will begin at 11’o clock
  • The meals will be ready and/or served by 12 in the afternoon
  • The event is likely to end by 2’o clock in the afternoon
  • If you want to hang around till 3’o clock you can.
  • Leaving the room ar 3 in the afternoon.

Dium corporation
Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima City
Nishi-ku Fukushimacho 2-4-9 (5F).

Ready to get started?