Representative Director and President Ryang Chan U

Greetings from the President

Welcome to our homepage, and we are sincerely thank you for visiting us. We are in the midst of a new lifestyle change due to the spread of the coronavirus.

In this situation, I am delighted and pleased to have appointed as Representative Director. In these days, innovation continues in many industries in Japan and around the world.

These innovations are transforming lives and demanding adaptations. Our vision is to create a peaceful society, a mission based on the fact that I am a Korean living in Japan and born and raised in Hiroshima peace city.

Our company "dium" is an acronym which stands for "desire", "infinity", "universal" and "mate" which also means "creation" in my first language, Korean. We are committed to creating value for our clients and continue to provide exceptional service.

We will continue to create value and provide services for our customers.