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Who is dium Corporation?

dium corporation strongly believes that assistance and guidance are two crucial factors that you are likely to seek to start a new life in a foreign land. Hence, we strive to serve as comrades who can help resolve your problems and assist when you need help settling down in Japan and feeling at home.

A peaceful society makes the backbone of any country. Likewise, stable and well-balanced communities living in a harmonious confluence form the backbone of an organisation. dium corporation. acts as a bridge between Japanese and foreign nationals by paving the way for better communication and understanding.

Help the transition of becoming a part of the Japanese lifestyle; there are many rules, regulation and lifestyle changes one may need to make as they move to Japan. Our goal is to help foreign workers learn about these etiquettes and laws to settle comfortably in Japan.

Additionally, we also understand how vital assistance is to the elderly citizens of the nation. An alarmingly large demographic of elderly society in Japan, nursing care and an aide has created to make the world a more compassionate place to live. From healthcare assistance to aides, we handle all the basic assistance tasks to make life easier. For us, feelings and mental well-being are more important than monetary success. We believe that happiness and health can form a better and healthier society. We thrive on this belief and prefers to incorporating these ideologies in our work ethics.

Our Purpose

dium corporation started with an ideology of providing the best environment for the foreigners and seniors living in Japan. Legal frameworks aside, many official decorum sectors cannot be handled alone as an individual. With dium corporation these concerns become easier to understand and manage.

A well-balanced life in Japan as a senior citizen or foreign nationals is challenging when you do not have a healthy support system. The President of dium Inc., Ryang Chan U, has about 10-years of experience in running a business for elderly and foreigners living in Japan. Although he was born in Japan, Ryang learnt from his grandparents and parents, who came to Japan from Korea. He understood the difficulties of foreign residents when living in a foreign country. Our sole aim is to help those who need support to grow. We are committed to promoting the independence of the most vulnerable in society and the well-being of as many people as possible.

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Our Company

dium corporation was created in the year 2011 on November the 1st with an aspiration to create a peaceful bridge of existence between the foreign workers wanting to work in Japan and the employers of various companies in Japan who are willing to hire international talents.

Interestingly enough, dium corporation. is an acronym for the term infinity and creation. dium corporation thrives on the philosophy of bringing in talented worldwide employees to Japan and helping them create a beautiful future for themselves and the nation of Japan as well.

As the unanimous shareholder to a company having a capital of 1 million yen, dium corporation currently has three full-time employees handling the necessary obligations.